Lip seduction lipstick

Moisturizing lipstick with the scent of juicy lychee

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Choose a shade

Lip Seduction No.01

Product number: 2838

Lip Seduction No.02

Product number: 2839

Lip Seduction No.04

Product number: 2841

Lip Seduction No.05

Product number: 2842

Lip Seduction No.06

Product number: 2843

Lip Seduction No.07

Product number: 2844

Lip Seduction No.08

Product number: 2845

Lip Seduction No.09

Product number: 2846

Lip Seduction No.11

Product number: 2848

Lip Seduction No.12

Product number: 2849

Volume / Weight: 4, 8 g


    High-coverage creamy texture
    Lip moisturizing


    High-coverage creamy texture
    Lip moisturizing


A palette of 12 glossy shades for seductive, full and fresh lips. Moisturizing lipsticks rich in color pigments will make your lips stand out, providing them with a rich color and high gloss. The high-coverage creamy texture will immediately smooth out your lips, making them velvety soft, while covering them in a protective film. Restorative oils and vitamin E nourish, moisturize and regenerate your lips, while preventing them from cracking.

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Apply lipstick onto your lips and then spread it gently to each side.



Deep color pigments provide your lips with a rich, bright color and high gloss. These lipsticks make your lips smooth and soft.

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